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Precision Storage Vessels Pvt. Ltd. is a one shop stop where you are offered a wide range of industrial components. The assortment of products that we offer includes :
  • High Capacity Electric Water Heaters
  • Indirectly Heated Storage Tanks
  • Compressed Air Storage Tanks
  • Blowdown Vessel
  • Boiler Feed Tanks
  • Expansion Tanks
  • Air Separator
  • Oil & Gas Fired Water Heater
  • Air Receivers
  • Chilled Water Buffer Tanks

Besides these we also manufacture Glass Lined Electric Water Heaters, Gas Fired Water Heaters and Water to Water Type Water Heaters in Capacities ranging from 200 liters to 20000 liters. Our products are widely used in Hotels, Processing Industries, Convention Centers, Hospitals, etc.

We are recognized as one of the topmost Industrial Electric Water Heaters Exporters from India. All our products are made from high grade raw materials that ensure their optimum quality. They are highly durable and have given desired results at the client’s end. Our products are made from SA516 GR 70 Boiler quality plates in conformance with the ASME OR BS standards. The tank heads are also made in our premises, saving our time and money. The products are properly insulated from 80 mm thick Rockwool or fiber glass wool mattress to prevent heat loss. Also, these tanks are clad with 1.2 mm thick M.S Sheets, Aluminum sheets etc. Our products are manufactured in different capacities so as to meet the various demands of the market. Our tanks are available in different linings glass lining, precision coat, galvanized steel and copper lining. The products are properly painted and are ensured to be resistant to corrosion. They are manufactured in well-equipped units under the proficient supervision of experienced and talented professionals and workers.

Indirectly Heated Storage Tank

Indirect Heated Storage calorifiers are one of the easiest method of generating hot water for both domestic and industrial applications. Storage calorifiers are installed in hospitals, hotels, sports centers and general residential buildings. PRECISION Calorifiers can be used in sites where a dedicated plant read more...

Expansion Tanks

Expansion Tanks are used in a closed loop heating or chilled water HVSC system to absorb the expanding water and to control the pressure in the system.

Expansion tanks are fitted with a replaceable type heavy duty butyl bladder which absorbs the expanded water thus avoiding direct water contact read more...

Air Separator

Material of Construction :

  • Carbon Steel – Flanged to Class 150/PN16/ PN25
  • All steel body
  • Stainless steel strainer

Advantages :

Oil & Gas Fired Water Heater

Oil & Gas Fired Water Heater are the best solution where fuel fired hot water system can be used. Wide range output can be achieved in this water heaters. Fully automatic burners are used for safe operation.



Air Receivers

Air Receivers are manufactured in quality Carbon steel for storing compressed air with capacities range from 100 litres to 50,000 litres.


Standards : Precision design and

Blowdown Vessel

Steam boilers must be blow down at regular intervals to resolve some of the suspended and dissolved solids formed during the course production of steam.

These undissolved solids in the boiler water can give rise to foaming and scaling of the boiler tubes and read more...

Chilled Water Buffer Tanks

Chilled Water Buffer Tanks are designed to operate with a minimum water volume, which typically ranges from 22 litre to 38 litres per ton for air conditioning application, for to get better temperature accuracy.


Most of the chiller compressors can only start 3 to 4 times per hour. If the read more...

High Capacity Electric Water Heaters

High Capacity Electric Water Heaters Electric calorifiers are one of the easiest method of generating hot water for both domestic and industrial applications. Electric calorifiers are installed in hospitals, hotels, Sports Centres and General Residential Buildings.


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